To empower people divided by conflict to develop mutual understanding and to create sustainable peace.


A just and peaceful world in which difference is a source of creativity and strength.


We bridge deep divides to transform violent conflict: to foster reconciliation, interrupt cycles of violence, and strengthen community resilience. Through long-term partnerships and collaborations with local partners in conflict-affected areas, we help people discover their shared capacity for building peace.

Our work most often takes place where violent conflicts have pitted ethnic or religious groups against each other, and people are coping with the legacies of civil war or genocide. We also lead initiatives to bridge damaging social and political divides, and to train local leaders in conflict mitigation techniques during outbreaks of communal violence.

Our initiatives span four overlapping areas of focus: 

Dialogue Across Deep Divides

The skillful use of facilitated, structured dialogue allows people who have become alienated from or dehumanized by one another due to violence – or who simply hold starkly different views – to develop mutual understanding and find ways to work together.

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Building Inclusive Governance

Peace requires support from political and economic structures in order to be sustainable. We support communities affected by conflict to shape decision-making and policy processes through engaging a wide range of civil society and governmental actors.

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Healing and Reconciliation

Our approach to social healing and reconciliation integrates long experience in the mental health field with community-based peacebuilding practices. Through structured dialogue, shared community projects, and trauma healing programs, we work to rebuild a sense of trust and safety.

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Preventing Violent Extremism

Violent extremism can arise within any religious or cultural identity group. Our approach focuses on developing non-military approaches that reduce community vulnerability and strengthen resilience against recruitment, assisting policymakers to develop broad-based prevention strategies.

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