Bosnia and Herzegovina

We began building shared peace leadership among Bosniak and Serb educators in the years just after the Bosnian War. More recently, we have collaborated to layer multiple approaches to reconciliation in diverse Bosnian communities, working across generations and ethnic divides to rebuild social cohesion.

Project Star: Societal Transformation and Reconciliation (2018-2020)

Though decades have passed since the end of the Bosnian War, the multiethnic country of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is once again starkly divided along ethnic lines. Through Project STaR, we partnered with four innovative Bosnian organizations, using a whole-of-community approach to reconciliation in 10 communities in both entities of BiH: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republika Srpska. Project STaR bridged ethnic, religious, and generational divides, engaging those who endured the war while developing new peace leadership among youth

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Project Diacom: Dialogue and Community-Building (1997-2002)

Soon after the devastating 1992-1995 war, a Bosniak refugee and survivor of ethnic cleansing invited Karuna Center to work with women in her community. These dialogues gave rise to a peacebuilding program among Bosniak and Serb educators that ultimately lasted six years. One of the most active participants went on to co-found Centar za Izgradnju Mira (Center for Peacebuilding) in Bosnia and Herzegovina—which has thrived ever since, and has also been a core partner organization for Project STaR.

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