Power to the Peacemakers!

Fundraiser Sept.-Oct. 2022

Together, we can create #PeaceInOurCommunities — help us build peace from the bottom up!

Participants in Karuna Center projects reach across divides, advocate for change, and make communities safer.

Our current projects are:

  • reducing farmer-herder conflict as climate change reshapes the land in Nigeria
  • bridging divides for climate action in the United States
  • supporting peace workers in Myanmar under military rule
  • establishing community-run peacebuilding and dialogue systems
  • partnering with Massachusetts middle and high schools to stop the spread of hate and extremism (starting soon!)

We are a small and impactful nonprofit that has worked in more than 35 countries since 1994. This fall, your gift will also help support grassroots peacebuilders worldwide to exchange knowledge and resources. Many of us face similar challenges, and we can learn from each other!

Thank you for your support!

Our goal is to raise $5,000 in small donations from Sept. 21 – Oct. 20

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